October Update

October Update I have completed the design of Trithemian Web One. As I explained on the opening page, that is not the title of the piece. Now I have to make a decision on the print medium. I have ordered a 20″ x 20″ LUMACHROME. This is supposed to be the ultimate print on Lucite. […]

T1 Update

T1 Update – 07/29/2021 I am still working on enciphering the Trithemian One containers. After that is complete I will have one of those containers printed. Since this is very contemporary work I’m leaning toward a print on Lucite or metal. I may have to do several tests. I will then check on framing options […]

From the Designer

From the Designer Greetings from Raleigh, North Carolina. Its been many years since I began working with linear graphic ciphers. I hope you have read the history of my work. If you enjoy puzzles of any sort, I challenge you to a practice session. I launched this website in August 2021 to introduce my ciphers. […]