Some Thoughts on NFTs and Art

I would like to make a few comments based on articles and television productions.

ABC Broadcast: NFT – Enter the Metaverse
Beeple: Creator of Everyday’s

“…make people much more connected, a part of the art.”

That was my goal from the beginning. I want people to interact with my work like never before. My pieces speak to their owners, taking them on a journey of learning and revelation. There is no room for guess work or interpretation. They become a part of the art.

New York Times – Beeple:

“Winkelmann remains bullish on NFTs, pairing each physical work with a blockchain-based collectible (NFT) for authentication purposes.”

I agree with this approach. The issue of authentication restricted me for decades. It was a self imposed moratorium on my work. That all changed when I learned about NFT’s and the blockchain.

The downside to all this is evident. Marketplaces are now loaded with digital junk from would be designers hoping to make a quick buck. You have ‘artists’ using Gen-Art and AI to generate images by the thousands in a rush for the gold. That work will probably not withstand the test of time.

Excerpted from an article written by National Art Critic Ben Davis

This quote is from a digital artist.

“I don’t think that NFT space is a healthy space because of what is required from artists to have to constantly be marketing and promoting yourself. You have to be plugged into Discord 24/7 and you are basically juggling several other aspects of what it means to be an artist, and it is exhausting.

Personally, I am actually in a digital detox and reassessing what it means to have a healthy, sustainable digital practice. That spawned from burnout. I can barely open my computer screen right now and actually struggled with the last works of my show because I had burned out having to be online all the time.”

I agree wholeheartedly. This type of promotion can be more easily pursued by the younger generation who are adept at social media. It will not work for me. I’m now 73 years old (as of June 2022). It’s hard enough producing new work. I have no time left for the demands of social media. Quite possibly I may never be recognized for my efforts to create a unique, interactive, contemporary movement. But I can say I gave it my best shot.