Trithemian Web™ 10

Trithemian Web™ 10 Cryptogram


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Composition: Designer Cryptogram. (text written in code)

Digital File Size: 7,200 x 7,200 px – 22.2 MB PNG (32” x 32”)

Keyword: On the piece. Look at the question marks on the spider.

Number of Linear Graphic Containers: 4

Letters, Numbers, Punctuation (Linear Graphics): 400 Characters

Traditional Lettering: 2,865 Characters

Halftones: 4

AI Generated Image: 1

Objective: Reveal the secrets of the Trithemian Web™ Cryptogram. Convert ciphertext to plaintext to discover the content and title of the piece.

Note: If you read the history of my work, you might remember at one point I suggested photographing a piece, printing the image and then deciphering the content. That option is available in this piece. However, you will not be able to reveal the halftones or the story behind them.

Note: Trithemian Web™ 10 is not the title. It’s just an identifying designation, as are the others in the Trithemian genre.

Single Edition