Trithemian Web™ 11

Trithemian Web™ 11 Cryptogram


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Composition: Designer Cryptogram (text written in code). A tribute to a celebrity.

Digital File size: 7,950 x 7,950 px – 44.6 MB PNG (26.5” x 26.5”)

Number of Linear Graphics Containers: 4

Letters, Numbers, Punctuation: 400 Characters in the linear graphics containers.

Keyword: Located within the tribute.

Tribute Graphic: Composed of 1,184 hand drawn Gothic style letters.

Objective: Reveal the secrets of the Trithemian Web™ Cryptogram and the tribute. Convert the linear graphics ciphertext to plaintext to discover the sub-title of the piece. Full revelation can only be accomplished by using the original digital file.

Hint: Use the original graphic file to easily read the tribute. It is not encoded.

Note: Trithemian Web™ 11 nor Turning Point is the assigned title. It’s just an identifying designation.

Photo Attribution: Author: Winkelmann, Mike
The photo was colorized. Graphic converted to Gothic style letters.
Winkelmann, Mike., CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

TW11 is a tribute to Mr. Winkelmann and his success.  In no way does his likeness imply that he endorses or has ever seen my work.