Trithemian Web™ 3

Black Magic


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Nickname: Black Magic. (Not the title of the piece)

Composition: Designer Cryptogram.

High Resolution Digital File Dimensions:
42″ x 40″

Number of Containers: 28

Individual Container Sizes in Main Container: 6″x 6″

Letters, Numbers, Punctuation: 2,400 Characters in the containers surrounding the red spider. There are 84 characters in the welcome container – bottom center. Not encrypted.

Keyword: Blended into the red spider.

Individual Linear Graphics Containers: Blended into the large, black square (main container) surrounding the red spider.

Halftones: Blended into the smaller, black squares. Bottom right and bottom left.

Objective: Reveal the secrets of this Trithemian Web™. Convert ciphertext to plaintext to discover my thoughts on a particular subject, the actual title of the piece and the two halftones. Full revelation can only be accomplished by owning the digital original.

Documentation: Complete documentation on how to decipher Black Magic will be delivered with the high resolution digital file along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Physical Print: A LumaChrome HD by Nevada Art Printers.

Possible NFT: Single Edition

Trithemian Web™ 3 – Black Magic – is not the title of this piece. It’s only a designation. The title has to be revealed by deciphering the cryptogram.