My substitution ciphers are designed to be solved by anyone with a little patience. I published these educational materials as PDF files. I did that because there are instances where you will need to print a page to view the examples.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you thoroughly read and understand all the instructions before you try to decipher your Trithemian Web™ or you will, more than likely, be unsuccessful. I recommend you read the Procedures page as well for deciphering hints.

Do not share your digital file with anyone if you want to maintain the exclusivity of your Trithemian Web™ Original – its title, body composition and halftones – if included.

Sighting the Letters

Stereogram Viewing


Printing Individual Containers

Color Masking – Solid Color Containers & the Spider

Photography Method

Blank Ciphertext Sheets

Sample Graphics

The links below are to blank ciphertext sheets that can be filled in electronically.

Blank Ciphertext Sheet
Last Container Blank Ciphertext Sheet