Open the sample graphic with the red spider in your photo editing program. If you do not have one I recommend GIMP, a free editor. You will easily be able to determine the number of ‘containers’. Use the rectangle masking tool to mask one of the containers. Copy and paste as a new image. Resize the image to fit on a standard sheet of paper. I suggest seven inches at the widest point. Print the image and read it as described on the ‘How To‘ page – Sighting the Letters . Do the same for the remaining containers. Once you have the all individual containers printed, you can begin deciphering each one using the keyword.

Printing: Use the Best Quality setting on your printer. The higher quality print helps to darken the letters. That makes them easier to read.

Once all the containers have been deciphered, read the body text and reveal the graphic’s title. Follow the same procedures to decipher Trithemian Web™ Cryptograms.

New! I have included a sample blended image graphic. See the explanation and graphic on the sample page.