Sample Trithemian Web™ Graphic


  1. Basic knowledge of photo editing – masking, resizing, copy & paste as new image, etc.

No worries if you are unfamiliar with certain procedures. Get a family member, friend or colleague to help.

IMPORTANT: I do not recommend proceeding with this sample until you are thoroughly familiar with the methodology used to decipher Trithemian Web™ cryptograms presented on the ‘How To’ pages.

Step 1: Download the blank Ciphertext sheets needed to decipher this sample graphic.

Step 2: Click on the sample graphic below and save the image to your local computer.

Step 3: Each container is encrypted. Decrypt the code to unveil the title to the piece. Click here to see if you discovered the title. Do not peek until you have tried to decipher the sample.

Printing Note: I recommend resizing containers to seven inches. That size will easily fit on a standard sheet of paper. When printing, use the best quality setting. The higher quality will make the lines a little darker and therefore easier to read.

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Practice Trithemian Web™

The keyword is trialrun.