I brought in a proof reader to check the website and the instruction documents. There is still a chance that typos could be missed.

I do not use the proof reader to check a Trithemian Web™ Cryptogram’s body text or cipher text. By doing so they would have access to the keyword and the title of the composition. I could not let that happen.

When deciphering a Trithemian Web™ Cryptogram you may run across an incorrect letter or letters. The error will be obvious. Just substitute the wrong letter for the correct one. For example, if you deciphered some ciphertext letters into ‘SANF’ and the context of the previous letters had something to do with the beach, you would just change the letter F to a D to come up with the correct word ‘SAND’.

I try to be very careful when putting together the body text and ciphertext, but I might enter an incorrect letter here or there. These things are tough to compose when dealing with thousands of characters. Even if you run across a few typos, which I hope are not there, I’m confident you will be able to decipher the composition and come up with my thoughts on a particular subject, the title of the piece and the blended element(s).

Secondary Market

Each of my cryptograms comes with a free flash drive that I will ship to the original purchaser of the piece. If the cryptogram is resold on the secondary market, the seller is responsible for sending the flash drive to the new owner.

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