Trithemian Web™ 8

Trithemian Web™ 8


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Composition: Designer Cryptogram. (text written in code)

Digital File Size: 5,400 x 5,400 px – 3.6 MB PNG (24” x 24”)

Keyword: On the piece.

Number of Linear Graphic Containers: 1

Letters, Numbers, Punctuation: 100 Characters

Objective: Reveal the secret of this Trithemian Web™ Cryptogram. Convert ciphertext to plaintext to discover the content and title of the piece.

Note: If you read the history of my work, you might remember at one point I suggested photographing a piece, printing the image and then deciphering the content. This piece is one of those throwback designs.

Note: Trithemian Web™ 8 is not the title. It’s just an identifying designation, as are the others in the Trithemian genre.

Single Edition