Trithemian Web™ 8

Trithemian Web™ 8


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Composition: Designer Cryptogram.

High Resolution Digital File Dimension: 24″ x 24″

Keyword: On the piece. Look at the question marks on the spider.

Number of Linear Graphic Containers: 1

Letters, Numbers, Punctuation: 100 Characters

Objective: Reveal the secrets of the Trithemian Web™. Convert ciphertext to plaintext to discover the content and title of the piece.

Note: If you read the history of my work, you might remember at one point I suggested photographing a piece, printing the image and then deciphering the content. This piece is one of those throwbacks.

Documentation: Complete documentation on how to decipher Trithemian Web™ 8 will be delivered with the high resolution digital file along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Physical Print: A LumaChrome HD by Nevada Art Printers.

Possible NFT: Single Edition