T1 Update – 07/29/2021

I am still working on enciphering the Trithemian One containers. After that is complete I will have one of those containers printed. Since this is very contemporary work I’m leaning toward a print on Lucite or metal. I may have to do several tests.

I will then check on framing options for a piece this size – 6×6 feet. It will be very heavy, so metal framing will be considered. The printing and framing will be expensive. That’s another bridge to cross when I get to it.

To foster interaction with the piece, I will not post images of containers on this website.

The biggest hurdle might be the introduction. I found an art consultant in New York who may be able to offer some insight and recommendations. At $200 an hour I expect the feedback to be enlightening.

One option is to promote a competitive event. The first person who deciphers Trithemian One wins the piece. That would be a truly unique undertaking. It has good marketing possibilities, but the cost of such a campaign might be prohibitive. Whatever option is chosen, media attention is the primary objective.

If you have any ideas on the subject, please feel free to get in touch.