Instagram Samples

Jason SavageIf you found your way here via the link on Instagram, welcome. If you were already on this website and clicked the menu link, welcome to you too.

If you haven’t done so, please read My Story. It details fifty years of design history behind these linear graphics.

Instagram is a great sharing platform, but when it comes to better understanding my distinctive work one needs a little more assistance. In order to read or decipher my compositions they need to be printed. Reading is explained on my ‘How To‘ pages.

The images below are some of the ones seen on Instagram. You can click the image to bring up a printable PDF. When you have the print in hand, try reading the linear graphics. Some will be more difficult than others. These samples are experiments with lettering, images, and coloration. I have done thousands of these over the years. They help me determine their readability.


Red Letter Experiment
This is an experiment that incorporates readable red lettering.  The linear graphics are not encoded.

Experiment 1
This graphic is not encoded. It is one of the easier ones to read.

Experiment 2
This graphic uses an earlier form of lettering coupled with a subtle graphic. This piece is not encoded. It is a little more difficult to read.

Experiment 3
This is an experiment with coloration that uses a black background. It is not encoded.

Experiment 4
This is the same coloration as the previous image, but it has a white background. Print them and compare readability. Not encoded.

Experiment 5
The use of a more vivid graphic as a background. Not encoded. More difficult to read.