Generative Art Floods the NFT Arena

tiger walking in a rain forestThis image was produced using the Midjourney bot. I must admit, the generative art AI programs are incredible. They enable anyone to create, in many cases, astounding pieces with no training. If a person can read instructions they can create generative art and publish it on one or more of the numerous NFT marketplaces in search of their pot of gold. Or they can offer prints.

After reading more about the AI’s I signed up with Midjourney and tried my hand. These programs are quite amazing. I think I might incorporate some generative art in my cryptograms. Take a look at a few of my other pieces.

Smart Contracts

I became interested in the NFT bandwagon mainly because of the smart contracts on the block chain. It gives us digital designers a way to prove creation and ownership of our work. With the arteries being clogged by generative artists it makes it much more difficult to get recognized by marketplaces that represent, supposedly, higher quality work. At least that’s how they portray their offerings.

It seems to me that the NFT space is a mess and will have to sort itself out.

Quote from Carter Art

“Some individuals predict that AI will someday replace artists totally, but this is unlikely to happen soon. Although artificial intelligence is capable of producing technically proficient works of art, it is not yet capable of producing works of truly creative or innovative design. Sep 5, 2022”

Read the entire article.

End of an Artist’s Career. A fascinating you-tube video on generative art.

From Artistry Found

“The difference between applied art and fine art is one of ultimate purpose. Fine art is produced simply for aesthetic purposes, where the end result is found visually appealing to the viewer. Applied art is also aesthetic, but with an interactive design or a problem-solving goal that is part of a greater purpose.”

My Trithemian Web™ Crypotgrams are applied art based on the definition above. Generative artists use AI programs to create pieces that are visually appealing. Calling the work fine art may fit. It seems we are looking at a new movement.