Hidden Elements

Interaction With My Work Is Creatively Revealing
The Evolution of the Cryptogram as Applied, Contemporary Art

My primary focus has always been on linear graphics – second panel from the left on these samples – that I’ve been developing for over fifty years. These are used to reveal a substitution cipher. If you haven’t already, I suggest you read My Story – a fifty year history of my linear graphics development. Each cryptogram I produce will incorporate, in one way or another, linear graphics. They are my trademark. Other hidden images are used to add context to the decoded cipher.

Trithemian Web™ Example

The sample abstract piece above incorporates mostly hidden (the red linear graphics container) or fully hidden images. Trithemian Web™ cryptograms are all single-layer raster files. Revealing the hidden secrets is accomplished by employing RGB identification and selection.

Transformation Set Black

This is the result obtained after performing the specific documented procedures on the digital image. The keyword is revealed. The linear graphics container can now be printed and decoded, and halftones come to life along with interrelated plain text.

Each cryptogram comes with a reveal file that guides an enthusiast through each step. Obviously, there is a learning curve. This abstract art form (I coined it Linear Transmutation) advances participant interaction to an entirely new level. One’s ultimate goal is to discover the composition’s title.

Learn by doing. All is revealed on my How To and Samples pages.